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Natural Remedies and the Homeschool Dilemma

Homeschool Survivor

Welcome to Health and Homeschool!

I suppose it’s only right to introduce myself and the purpose of this blog;

I finished 12 years of homeschooling in Youngsville, NC with a graduating class of 1 in 2013 and shortly after moved to Long Beach, CA. As the oldest of four in a homeschool family, I’m used to the bewilderment and disgust aimed towards homeschool families, but let me tell you something.

My mom is a warrior.

I don’t know how she managedĀ or still manages, for that matter. When my younger adult sister graduated, the two youngest were just starting their grade schooling. I hope to share some old stories as well as new ones.

On top of all this, in the last year, my family has faced many medical issues, inspiring my mom to begin her journey into natural remedies and cutting chemicals out of our lives. From removing gluten from their diets to convincing me to make homemade deodorantĀ (WHAT EVEN), I hope to also share recipes, struggles with the changes and advice to anyone on or considering the same journey.

For those who are related or married to people who are undertaking this, I hope to also include comedic input from my husband in relation to marrying into this mess.

Welcome to our strange lives!

I also run a private blog, if you find interest in the other areas of my life.